The Power of Email Marketing

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The Power of Email Marketing

Sending email is the most direct and fast method to reach out to those who may be interested in your offer. Those people who already expressed interested and opt-in to your mailing list are people who are already waiting for your offer.

Having a long list to email to is just a start. You need a way to manage your sending, so that you can respond to those who are interested with your offer, those that would like to unsubscribe from your list and also to monitor the open rate, bounce rate and why are email bounced. Fortunately, we have a software that can help us do all these work and automatically send out emails, automatically response to those who response to our campaign, collect the response and send preset response to them.

Email Marketing Software

As a company grow the mailing list, you need a powerful email software to organize your email campaign. Many has gone to subscribe to expensive autoresponder to send emails to their list of subscribers. Little do they know, that they can also use an email software and manage their own campaign without the need of paying on a long term basis. 

A good old saying "The Money is in the list" still stand true.

Email Marketing Software

  • Sending bulk emails on a schedule time and quantity
  • Allows auto unsubscribe at one click of a button by subscribers
  • Group your mailing list to many different categories
  • Create your own HTML email message, test view on various devices
  • Do spam keywords check for your campaign content
  • Import and export of email list at a few clicks
  • Suppression of emails which has unsubscribe from your list
  • Processed bounced emails to protect your server from blacklist
  • Your can set 2 email campaigns to run as split test and let the one that has the most click run for the rest of the email campaign. The system will choose the winner by view
  • You can create forms and embed on your campaign for people to fill up and submit to you. Your form will be tabulated and given as a report format for your view or export out
  • You can set a trigger action on your email campaign. Trigger can mean when someone opens your email, it will trigger the 2nd pre-set email to be sent to the same person at a schedule time frame. This way, you won't be sending the 2nd follow up email to someone who hasn't opened your email. This is a very powerful follow-up in term of email marketing is concern. You can extend the length of the campaign, set it and forget it and your will be surprised that one year later, this campaign is still generating response through the auto following up.
  • You can set a series of emails as a following up to those who subscribe to your email newsletter. Set a series of email to be sent to them at a schedule interval. That can all be set in the software built-in autoresponder.
  • Once your email campaign is sent. You would like to know the statistic of your campaign. Our campaign statistics shows you just how many emails are opened, links within the email that's being clicked, Unsubscribe, bounced emails, how many emails are forwarded to others. You can even see the actual email addresses within each segment of report that has opened, unsubscribed etc. You can export these list out and do your follow up or clean up your list.
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